THE MUNY, St. Louis, MO

Buddy thrilled audiences under the stars at the Muny - America's oldest and largest outdoor musical theatre - in July, 2015, in an unforgettable production!

Buddy was easily one of the most exciting and memorable productions in our 98-year history. It’s a high energy thrill-ride that pays great homage to Buddy Holly’s history making career. Even after the lights came on at the end of the show our audiences were still dancing in the aisles!”
- Dennis M. Reagan, President & CEO, The Muny, St. Louis, MO

Andy Christopher plays Buddy Holly with Sam Weber on bass 


“It’s the most fun I’ve ever had at The Muny... Andy Christopher plays Buddy Holly. He sells and sings the role beautifully, giving it all the transformative flair and visionary talent that was Holly’s hallmark in his brief career... There are some other sensational music performances in this show, non more powerful and impressive than Teressa Kindle as Marlena, the lead vocalist in a group from New York’s famed Apollo Theater. Kindle is a bona fide show-stopper...

“...both highly entertaining and sublimely affecting... As the evening progresses, you will be mesmerized and highly invigorated by the influence of the music and the man... takes over The Muny stage like I’ve never seen before... I fell for this show in a big way. ‘Think it over’…..and you will too.”

- Harry Hamm, CBS St. Louis

“Bursts with excitement, music and hormones! You’ve never seen anything like it. As Buddy Holly, Andy Christopher is a star!”
- Judith Newmark, St. Louis Post Dispatch

“…the Muny’s extraordinary production of Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story... is an absolutely terrific show that's immensely entertaining. I not only highly recommend this excellent show, but am branding it as a must see production!... now, it is making its Muny premier to the delight of audiences who are genuinely moved by it...

“Andy Christopher does superior work as Buddy, making him into a fully formed character, not just a caricature, and providing us with some tasty licks on his trademark Stratocaster in the process... Sam Weber demonstrates some incredible skills on the double bass as band member Joe B. Mauldin, and Joe Cosmo Cogen is sharp as a tack on drums as Jerry Allison.

“Michael James Reed delivers a fine performance as Norman Petty, who takes the band under his wing... Jo Lynn Burks is funny as his wife Vi, who adds piano and celesta to some of the tracks they cut. Sharone Sayegh is splendid as the object of Buddy's affections, Maria Elena. Teressa Kindle brings down the house with a sparkling version of ‘Shout’ at the Apollo Theater where the band performs, and Ben Nordstrom fills several roles (as do many of the actors) with considerable aplomb. Nicholas Rodriguez does a nice job as Ritchie Valens, Christopher Ryan is good as the affable Big Bopper, and John Scherer makes an impression as the narrator of sorts, Highpockets Duncan. The rest of the supporting players are excellent as well.

“Marcia Milgrom Dodge skillfully directs the production, keeping the tone generally light, but never losing sight of the impending tragic circumstances that will take these treasured performers from us forever. She’s aided by Josh Walden's period perfect choreography, Robert Mark Morgan's supremely cool scenic design, which puts the action inside an old bake-lite radio, Nathan Scheuer’s smartly conceived lighting, Matthew Young’s video designs, and Tracy Christensen’s era-evoking costumes. Michael Horsley’s musical direction is impeccable, and captures just the right feel for each number presented.

“Get your ‘Rave On’ and come down this week to The Muny to see Buddy. I guarantee you will not be disappointed! It’s easily one of the finest shows of the season.”

- Chris Gibson,

“Wow! Buddy ignited the audience! A rollicking good time, and a star is reborn in Forest Park! Andy Christopher is sensational!”
- Lynn Venhaus, Belleville News-Democrat

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