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“A foot-tapping delight - it's still a Buddy brilliant show”
Bill Hagerty, The Sun

“The show is still as fresh and revitalising as Holly’s music itself... the whole company dazzles... No Buddy does it better”
Patrick Marmion, Daily Mail

“This revival certainly delivers - with charismatic newcomer Matthew Wycliffe in fine voice as the star turn fronting a tight lively band... whipping the joint into a jumping jive”
Keith Watson, Metro

“An enduring crowd pleaser”
Mark Shenton, Sunday Express

“Ludicrously enjoyable... (with) splendid performances from a young and talented cast of actor-instrumentalists, one enters a lost age of innocence and pleasure... Buddy Holly’s magnificent music undoubtedly ensures that you leave with a smile on your face and a spring in your step”
Charles Spencer, The Daily Telegraph

“Oh Boy, Buddy keeps rocking... High-octane and infectious... A gem of a musical”
Julie Carpenter, Daily Express

“High voltage energy... you'll be in seventh heaven”
Michael Coveney,

“Songs that rouse the audience to thrilled participation – and a tumult of nostalgia and excitement”
Nicholas De Jongh, Evening Standard

“A great fun, feelgood musical... If you love Rock & Roll you will love this show. Brilliant”
Danny Pietroni, Magic 105.4


“The audience is elevated to joyful chaos”
Clive Barnes, New York Post

“A darn tootin’ good time. You’ll have a blast”
Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“It’s a straight ahead, feel-good rave up. Buddy motors along with a gee-whiz innocence... Good times rave on for Buddy on Broadway”
Dan Hubert, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Golden oldies pounded out the way they used to be”
Frank Rich, The New York Times

Buddy shakes up Broadway! Those musical numbers will have you up on your feet clapping. Buddy is a blast!”
Pia Lindstrom, WNBC-TV

“The cast melds into a hard-charging rock 'n' roll band for a display of multiple talents... The songs transport us back to when music truly rock 'n' rolled, its rhythms dipping and swaying”
Daryl H. Miller, Los Angeles Times

“An infectiously happy and dynamic evocation of musical history. The fantastic energy; the beat; the pure snappy joy of Rock & Roll all hit me for the first time in my misspent life”
William B. Collins, The Philadelphia Inquirer

“The audience worked themselves into a hand-clapping exhaustion during the final concert sequence. It would be wise for Shubert to have its house physician in the theatre during all performances”
Michael Kuchwara, Associated Press

“A joyous reopening of a musical memory book from the ‘50s”
William A. Raidy, Newhouse Newspapers

“The audience was on its feet at the end screaming for encores as if at a stadium concert”
Linda Winner, Newsday

“How refreshing to be time-tunnelled to a lighter, less angst-ridden era… Sends people out of the theater on an unstoppable high… Sensational”
Steve Morse, The Boston Globe

“There is no containing the theatrical eruption that follows. Everybody is boppin’… an affirming blast, the high that only live theater can induce when everything clicks”
Alvin Klein, The New York Times

“Infectiously Exuberant”
Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

“Remarkable… It’s a bona fide crowd pleaser”

“Hi-octane... powerful and electrifying... a thrilling evening of theater and music”
Lew J. Whittington, HuffPost

“A big hit that’s got Broadway rockin’ and rollin’! Buddy is sure-fire fun and sure to get you dancing in the aisles!”
Joanna Langfield, LBS Radio

“Infectious… Electrifying… Triumphant”
George Varga, The San Diego Union-Tribune

“Extraordinary… blows the Arvada Center’s roof into Westminster… A sensational night”
John Moore, Denver Post

“If you like Rock & Roll, run do not walk to Buddy – The Buddy Holly Story. It was put together by genius. The audience was in an ecstatic swoon”
Patrick O’Conner, WBAH-FM New York

“If Dick Clark ever stages one of those ‘50s revival shows in Rock & Roll Heaven, it will probably look a lot like Buddy Holly the musical”
Pat Collins, WWOR-TV

“Paul Hipp in the title role gives one of the most kinetic, infectious and musically shrewd performances in memory”
William A. Henry III, Time Magazine

“You'll likely not have more fun in a theater this season”
Ellen Sterling, BroadwayWorld

“Astonishing...Buddy brings down the house and knocks the theatre off its foundations. It’s a wild ride that thrills young and old”
Roger Kershaw/Jim Lingerfelt, Stage Door, Toronto

“Fires on all cylinders... I doubt any audience can resist getting caught in rock 'n' roll fever and jumping to its feet. Forget about feel-good. Buddy is feel-great, leaving its audience roaring for more”
Peter Birnie, Vancouver Sun

“Excels with theatre-rocking performances”
William Randall Beard, Minneapolis/St. Paul StarTribune

“When the music starts, Buddy soars in a celebration of individuality and emotional freedom, and transforms Paul Hipp into an intense, focused dynamo. The theatre reverberates with joy… A testament to the power of music”
Robert Feldberg, Bergen Record

“Clearly the music never died”
Joe Adcock, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“Rave On! The most high-octane fun you’ve had in a long time!”

“Terrific… Even the chandeliers start to swing”
Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“A jukin’ and jivin’ romp... so full of energy and joy”
Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“Uproariously fun... Powerful, punchy show for the whole family… Magic”
Portsmouth Herald (NH)

Buddy is about the power of music to transform, and you just can’t argue the point any better than this”
Las Vegas Review Journal

“A genuine barn-burner of a smash... as joyous entertainment, it is about as good as it gets”
Colin MacLean, Edmonton Sun

“To witness an entire audience on its feet, joyfully clapping, singing, and dancing into the aisles… was tribute to the triumphant production”
Carla Maria Verdino-Süllwold, BroadwayWorld (Maine)

“Rocks the roof right off the playhouse... dynamic and clever and inspiring and fun!”
Carol Montana, The Catskill Chronicle

“Great energy... flush with musical talent”
Sonja Niles, BroadwayWorld (Sioux Falls)

U.K. TOURS 2011-20


“What a way to spend a Monday night... The show has inspired a generation of multi-million selling jukebox musicals, including Mamma Mia, We Will Rock You, and Jersey Boys, yet remains a true original and musical phenomenon”
London News Online

“What a show... Arcing enough energy to blow the national grid”
Plymouth Herald

“Irresistible show... top-notch cast”
Sardines Magazine

“A rock & roll smash-hit”
Beyond the Curtain

“If you fancy a dose of the feel-goods I would highly recommend going to see Buddy
Northampton Chronicle

“There are standing ovations and there are standing ovations... a tumultuous celebration”
Your Harlow


“Perfectly crafted... this super-slick production boasts a brilliant multi-talented cast... guaranteed to leave you with a big smile on your face”
Southern Daily Echo (Southampton)

Buddy hasn't lost any of its magic... had the audience singing along and eventually dancing in the aisles!”
Kent Online

“As fresh and entertaining as ever... you leave the theatre dancing on air”
The Express & Star (Wolverhampton)

“Remains one of the greatest feel-good stage shows ever”
Edinburgh Evening News

“The best touring show to come to town in years”
Derbyshire Times

“A scintillating production”
Reviews Hub (Dartford)

“A fun-packed, tragic, uplifting... tour-de-force”
The Yorkshire Times

“Terrific. Young and not so young were on their feet singing along, clapping in time”
Belfast Times

“A roof-raising finale that Buddy Holly himself would be proud of, where I would defy anyone to stay seated”
Paul Johnson, Sardines

“A nostalgic trip down memory lane for Buddy’s generation, or a fast-paced, thrilling discovery of the early days of rock & roll for the next”
Edinburgh Guide

“Classics... really brought to life in a hugely entertaining and crowd-pleasing show”
Crawley & Horley Observer

“This production was completely absorbing... I cannot recommend it enough”
Ulster Tatler

“Terrifically talented cast... light up the stage with pure rock & roll energy”
Weekend Notes (Birmingham)

“This is a MUST SEE show”

“This truly was a jaw-dropping performance”
Hastings & St. Leonards Observer

“The company are blisteringly good”
Latest Brighton

“Hollylujah, Buddy both exhilarates and touches you”
York Press

“A wonderful, feel-good night out”
G-Scene (Brighton)

“An infectiously energetic feast of rock ‘n’ roll”
Rhiwbinainfo (Cardiff)


“Spinetingling... the music of Buddy Holly very much lives on”
Manchester Evening News

Gloucester Echo

“Renditions of his hits were flawless”
Aberdeen Evening Express

“Hit after hit had the audience throbbing with nostalgic delight”
Wigan Today

“People literally were boogying beside their seats during the finale... the show will appeal to young and old”
The Sentinel (Stoke-on-Trent)

“The cast combine into the ultimate super group”
South Wales Evening Post

“Yes, you will be dancing in the aisles!”
What's Good To Do (Bromley)

“The first and still the best of the jukebox musicals... the final concert is a thrilling rush”
York Press

“Terrific songs delivered with explosive energy and skill by an all-singing, all-dancing, all-instrument-playing cast”
The Scotsman (Edinburgh)

“Spine-tinglingly good... it is hard to believe these songs are more than 50 years old yet still have such an exhilarating effect on the audience”
Northampton Chronicle

“It doesn’t matter whether you are eight or 80, Buddy is great fun for all ages”
Warrington Guardian

“Hit after hit delivered with as much verve and vigour as you could wish for”
Northern Echo

“Upbeat, energetic and thoroughly entertaining”
Youth Music Theatre (Stoke-on-Trent)

“An absolute triumph”
The Public Reviews (Liverpool)

“Would I go again? In a heartbeat”
The Yorker

“What a show this is”
Teesdale Mercury

“A fantastic show... thoroughly entertaining the whole audience throughout”
Liverpool Live

“A high energy and polished production”
The Stage (Aylesbury)

“Oh Boy! I really loved this show”
Plymouth Herald


“The most satisfying jukebox musical of all-time”
The Stage

“A superbly put together theatrical event”

“Raised the roof. The audience danced in their seats, roared for more and left singing”
The Sheffield Star

“Superb entertainment that is still fresh. May it long Rave On”
Bristol Evening Post

“The granddaddy of all jukebox musicals… it is still this show that truly rocks”
The Manchester Public Review

“The blistering performances of Buddy’s classic songs makes the half-century old music sound fresh, new and slightly punkish, plus a brilliant set of backing performers bring the late fifties to life with style”
Western Park Gazette

“A great party atmosphere… this fun filled upbeat musical had the New Theatre up on its feet dancing!”
The Cardiff Public Review

“Suitable for the entire family… a thoroughly enjoyable night at the theatre and one which this reviewer would have no hesitation in repeating”
The Birmingham Public Review

“It was impossible not to join in with the hand-clapping and foot-tapping”
Bristol News

“There are moments when you can feel the hairs on the back of your neck tingle”
Croydon Guardian

“Highly recommended… sure to have inspired a fresh wave of ‘50s music fans”
Express & Star (Birmingham)

“I felt as if I had been transported back to the rockabilly '50s… I guarantee you’ll be dancing and singing your way out of the theatre”
Time & Leisure (Wimbledon)

“Infectious energy”
Bradford Telegraph & Argus

“Fast and furious… brilliant music… the theatre was rocking”
Worcester News

“Exuberant, exciting and wildly energetic”
Stroud News & Journal

“Knock out performances and standing ovations… a spectacular display of musical prowess”
Worthing Remote Goat

LONDON WEST END (1989-2002)

“If you haven’t seen the brilliant musical Buddy yet, buy your ticket now! It’s Buddy Brilliant”
The Sun

“The most exhilarating noise currently on the West End stage. Musically, the show is marvellously, scrupulously prepared and live... I loved it”
Financial Times

Buddy will have them bopping in the aisles for a long time to come”
Daily Telegraph

“A finale in which the audience go absolutely crazy… Hits the instant nostalgia button on the nose”
Daily Mail

“The show is an unashamed, rabble-rousing fiesta. It’s got everything”
Sunday Times

“The best cross-generation mass appeal show in town”
The Observer

“The Big Bopper is a dionysiac hoot”
The Guardian

“The Big Bopper was the hit of the evening, waggling his way to electrifying effect through ‘Chantilly Lace’”
Sunday Telegraph

“Sheer unadulterated fun. I love this show”
Sunday Express

“Alan Janes has written an absolutely brilliant musical”
What’s On

“A remarkable cast of actor-musicians… It’s a bona fide crowd pleaser”


“It exploded into full-throttled joy”
Sydney Morning Herald

“Don’t miss it... (Scott Cameron) has developed into a serious and totally charismatic performer... an extraordinary performance”
Kate Peters, Gold Coast Bulletin

“What a night out... Scott Cameron is amazing as Buddy Holly... and had the opening night audience roaring for more... the rock ‘n’ roll show of the year”
Eric Scott,

“More electric than ever... Buddy would be proud”
Bob Montgomery (Buddy's childhood friend – ‘Buddy & Bob’)