This explosive production of Buddy enthralled audiences at the Memorial Auditorium in Raleigh for a week in July 2015.

Buddy was an overwhelming winner, with so many patrons responding it was the best show they have ever seen at our theatre”
- Carolee Baxter, Producer, North Carolina Theatre, Raleigh, NC


“(This production) not only offers up a good time at the theatre, but also a very truthful showbiz story executed by playwright Alan Janes. It doesn't glorify how the entertainment industry works, it shows all the long roads of hard work that goes into making it big.

“It’s thanks to director/choreographer D.J. Salisbury's fluid staging and Craig Stelzenmuller's bright, colorful lighting designs that at times, you really feel like you’re at a 50’s rock concert with Buddy Holly.

“The company is led by James Barry, who doesn’t go out and do some impersonation, but rather gives a charismatic portrayal of Buddy Holly. He is joined by a very well casted ensemble including Zach Crossman and Sam Sherwood as fellow Crickets Jerry Allison and Joe B. Maudlin respectively; Brent Bateman as the Big Bopper; Xaiver Cano as Ritchie Valens; Belinda Allyn as Buddy's wife Maria Elena; and Scott Wakefield as record producer Norman Petty. Most of them are even playing their own instruments.

“Much like Jersey Boys, whether you grew with all these classic songs or not, you'll surely be dancing in your seats all night long.”

- Jeffrey Kare,

“The rock-n-roll A-Train stopped in Raleigh on Tuesday night, bringing a load of talented musicians and actors, along with a ton of great 1950’s music. The event? Opening night for the North Carolina Theatre’s production of Buddy – The Buddy Holly Story. And boy! Did the players shine!

“The songs, the dance, and the characters are all a total delight. (With a cast as strong as this, one generally does not notice stand-out performances; but we feel compelled to mention that Yolanda Rabun’s 100-watt smile lights up the theater whenever she is on stage)...

“All of these actors are accomplished musicians; or, perhaps, we should say: All of these musicians are skilled actors. Whichever! The show is about the music, and they totally nail the songs every time. We kept asking ourselves: Is this a play, or a rock-and-roll concert? Thankfully, it is both!

“So… are you ready to hear (and sing along with) “Peggy Sue,” “That’ll Be the Day,” “Not Fade Away,” “Everyday,” and many more? Are you ready to tsand up and dance? If so, bop on over to Raleigh Memorial Auditorium for a fun-filled musical-theater experience.”

- Pamela Vesper and Kurt Benrud, Triangle Arts and Entertainment

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