Buddy rocked 'n' rolled in the Catskills during summer 2011, thrilling audiences at the Forestburgh Playhouse. The show returned with another stellar production in summer 2019, proving once again the timeless appeal of Buddy's music and story.

“We not only sold a lot of tickets, we actually gave people joy with Buddy. My patrons left the theatre with an absolute exuberance that I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. I’m a traditional musical theatre person, and was somewhat reluctant to present a jukebox-type show. I’m a believer now. RAVE ON!”
Norman Duttweiler, Managing Director, Forestburgh Theatre Arts Center, Forestburgh, New York


“Forestburgh Playhouse has another hit on its hands. And this one rocks the roof right off the playhouse. It’s Buddy – The Buddy Holly Story, and it’s dynamic and clever and inspiring and fun!

“…All the singers are first class, and all the musicians are really playing their instruments (and some play more than one). Mindy Cimini provides polished musical direction. Todd Meredith, in his ninth production as Buddy Holly, was born to play this role. Genuinely accomplished as a singer and guitar player, he personifies the rock star, giving him a wonderful zest for life in a performance that is nothing short of brilliant…

“Alternately funny, uplifting and poignant, The Buddy Holly Story, directed by Larry Smiglewski and choreographed by Stacy Alley, is invigorating excitement, filled with 25 songs performed by gifted singers and musicians. Definitely worthy of the standing ovation, which the grateful audience was happy to grant.”
- Carol Montana, The Catskill Chronicle

Bill Morey (L) performs tricks on the bass as Joe B., with Todd Meredith as Buddy Holly at Forestburgh Playhouse

2019 production:


“The Forestburgh Playhouse, frequently referred to as a Miracle of the Forest, has established a reputation throughout the Northeast for producing superior theatre. Tuesday night’s opening of The Buddy Holly Story, impressively directed by Anthony Daniel, was no exception…

“This stellar production of The Buddy Holly Story is down-right, unashamedly powerful, with the startling credibility to transport those of a particular age group back to a period when the surrounding universe made sense. For those who missed the adventure of the '50s, a multitalented, polished Michael Skiktberg delivered a credible energy packed Buddy Holly at the Playhouse. As an actor, Skiktberg provided the opportunity for one to participate and be a part of a social and musical history. A journey and destination so many cherish…

“…an exceptionally talented and potent Quentin Araujo delivers (Ritchie) Valens to the gathered with undeniable stage presence and energy… Karack Osborn as The Bopper is outrageous!

“As each new season rolls around (Producer) Franklin Trapp cranks it up a notch and this year’s ResCo is no exception… To add one additional piece of brilliant theatre to what is already an over-the-top show, is a scene selection set at the Apollo Theatre, the performance mecca in Harlem, NY. It cannot be overlooked. Without providing a spoiler, members of this ResCo group, consisting of Aaron Patterson, Abeba Isacac, Breia Kelley and Amaya White, came about a whisker short of bringing the house down!”
— J.A. Di Bello, Meet Me In The GreenRoom

(2019 production photos by Jonathan Charles Fox)

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