BDT STAGE, Boulder, CO

The BDT Stage cast of Buddy heated things up in Boulder during the fall of 2015 in this fabulous production!

“We had a blast doing Buddy! It was VERY well received. We could have run it for four months instead of two”
- Michael Duran, Artistic Director, BDT Stage, Boulder, Colorado


“In addition to nailing Holly’s look, (Brett) Ambler lets a hint of Texas twang peek around the edges of his lines, and he does an excellent job communicating a wide range of emotions”
- Gary Zeidner, Boulder Weekly

Photo: Glenn Ross Photography

“If you’re a rock and roll fan, this is a rare and entertaining opportunity to relive the birth of the genre. The script is historically accurate, the talent is first class, and the show is spectacular... get to BDT Stage to see Buddy Holly and the Crickets take the stage and take your breath away.

“...these actors/singers/dancers pay a terrific honor to Buddy’s life, work, and spirit. For his part, (Director, Wayne) Kennedy puts all the pieces together. He’s got a rocking backup band, and for the first time in my memory, he puts them on stage instead of behind a wall. They seldom get the credit they deserve, but they show up in Act 2, orchestrating the best of Buddy and the ‘Winter Dance Party’...

“Kennedy has also given the cast room to grow. When Buddy (Brett Ambler) first appears, he’s young, naive, and frankly, musically embryonic. When Ambler finally takes the stage at the ‘Winter Dance Party,’ he has matured into a full-fledged, confident, premiere performer... Krisangela Washington as Marlena Madison absolutely torches the stage with her rendition of 'Shout' at the Apollo. Alejandro Roldan does a smoking hot 'La Bamba' as Ritchie Valens. Murray, Johnson, Roldan and Washington could carry a show by themselves... Put the pieces together here, and you have a masterpiece piece of musical theater... brought Holly and his music back to life on their stage.”
- Bill Wheeler, Theatre Colorado

Krisangela Washington as Marlena Madison, with designer Amy Campion's 1950s jukebox backdrop

“If you are not tapping your foot or clapping your hands, check your pulse. You might be dead... The finale, which features rocking versions of ‘Johnny B. Goode’ and ‘Oh Boy’ has everyone on their feet dancing”
- Beki Pineda,

Brett Ambler plays Buddy Holly at BDT Stage (2015)

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