ARTS CLUB THEATRE, Vancouver, British Columbia

This record-breaking run rocked Vancouver for an incredible 61 sold-out performances at the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage in summer 2010!


“At the end of the second act I usually go in on the HL orchestra side to see how raucous the audience has become. During the 'Oh Boy' final number I watched a tall, elderly man pull the wheelchair his small, frail-looking wife was sitting in back out of the wheelchair row. At first I thought they were leaving the theatre early, hoping to avoid the rush. But once he had some more room, the gentleman then carefully helped his wife to her feet and gently wrapped her in his arms as they continued to watch the show, lost in the moment. It was a very tender and poignant sight. I could picture them as they might have stood in the same familiar embrace some 40 or 50 years earlier and was reminded of the fact that age really is a state of mind and love can continue to burn brightly even with the passage of time and the ravages of age. It was a nice feeling to think that perhaps, if only for a little while, Buddy was able to transport a couple of elderly theatregoers back to a happier time and place and let them rekindle the feelings of their youth. It was a nice way to end the afternoon.”
- Arts Club Theatre House Manager

Zachary Stevenson plays Buddy Holly at Arts Club Theatre Company


“Oh, Boy! Buddy is a blistering winner… Forget about feel-good. Buddy is feel-great, leaving its audience roaring for more”
— Peter Birnie, The Vancouver Sun

“When your entire audience is on their feet ready to break loose for a rock and roll party you know you have yet another hit on your hands. This Vancouver production of Buddy... rocked the joint to the rafters and is a must-see”
- Review from the House

“Zachary Stevenson makes the title character feel like a geeky, sexy, punk-rock rebel. All of a sudden, you understand in your bones why musical conservatives were afraid of Holly’s rock & roll... The guy is a knockout... A big, bold production, with a 14-member cast and a tight, four-piece band”
- Colin Thomas,

“From the opening note, the cast, led by West Coast-native Zachary Stevenson, propels onto the stage with rocket-like enthusiasm”
- Lori Henry, Vancouver Hotels Examiner

Photos by Tim Matheson:

(L-R) Jeremy Holmes, Scott Carmichael, and Zachary Stevenson

Elena Juatco (L) as Maria Elena and Zachary Stevenson as Buddy

Michael Scholar Jr. as Ritchie Valens

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