Do you want to be in a production of Buddy – The Buddy Holly Story – ‘the World’s Most Successful Rock & Roll Musical’ – and be part of the most exciting and best feel-good show around?

Are you a versatile and dynamic actor? Do you play guitar, bass or drums? Or sax, trumpet or trombone?
Then we’d love to hear from you!

Send us your details via the email link below. 

Information to include in your email:

• Where you live
• Your age
• Which role(s) you feel you are suitable for
• Which instruments you can play to a high standard
• Are you an Equity member?
• Your resume/CV and headshot, and links to any video showreels showcasing your skills


BUDDY ROLES (with ideal ages – please note each actor must be able to sing and move well)

Buddy Holly - 18-25, dynamic and charismatic with excellent guitar skills and the desire to lead the company and thrill audiences as the world’s first rock & roller
Jerry Allison - 18-25, cheeky, fun, must have excellent drumming skills
Joe B Mauldin - 18-25, serious and talented bass player
The Big Bopper - 22-30, larger than life, irrepressible, warm and engaging, must have an excellent singing voice. Key song is ‘Chantilly Lace’ 
Ritchie Valens - 17-22, a whirlwind of energy, young and good looking. Must have an excellent singing voice for his key song ‘La Bamba’
Maria Elena - 20-25, classy, attractive and intelligent with subtle sense of humour, must be able to sing and move well. Ability to play piano an advantage but not prohibitive
Hipockets Duncan - 30-45, Buddy’s first manager and family friend, old-school country & western DJ who doesn’t understand rock & roll. Warm, big hearted enthusiasm for the boy he wants to make a star. Excellent sax/brass instrument and/or piano an advantage 
Norman Petty - 28-35, keen businessman with an ear for the next big thing, and a brilliant sound engineer and pioneer. Perhaps a little too serious for the young at heart. Excellent brass/saxophone and/or piano an advantage 
Vi Petty - 28-35, wife of Norman. Good 'ol down-home wife who makes the coffee and looks after Norman and the recording artists. Kind, enthusiastic and humorous. Also contributes on piano to many songs and so excellent piano skills an advantage
Apollo Performers - 20-35, of African-American descent. The regular stars of the Apollo Theatre in Harlem. Could be male or female. Sharp, engaging with great comic timing. Must have excellent soul/R&B voice as their key song is ‘Shout’. Brass instrument an advantage 
The Company (Swing actor/musician) - 18-35, adaptable intelligent actor/actress with a tool bag full of instruments. Guitar, bass and drums an advantage. We define the show around the talent that is available. Experience and training are not necessary but ability is a prerequisite for the show