This unforgettable 10-week run of Buddy rocked Elmsford, north of New York City, to the rafters in 2008! 


“Every single performance, without fail, received a standing ovation. From senior to hip they all loved it. Buddy is a show for all ages”
Bob Funking, Producer, Westchester Broadway Theatre



“In Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story, (Pat) McRoberts can lift anyone’s midwinter blues with a performance that rivals Indian Point in the megawatt department. He’s simply dazzling.

“…2 1/2 hours of toe-tapping tunes that have the dinner-theater audience nodding their heads, clapping along and, at the slightest urging by McRoberts at the curtain call, dancing in the aisles…

“Director Victoria Bussert has a rock-solid cast of musician-actors at her disposal and only brings the orchestra into the mix late in the show. For the bulk of the evening, it's Buddy Holly and The Crickets, playing and singing.

(L-R) John Rochette, Pat McRoberts, and Eric Scott Anthony

“But it’s not just a musical performance: There’s a man behind the music and McRoberts fleshes him out. The Crickets - Eric Scott Anthony as Joe B. Mauldin on bass and John Rochette as Jerry Allison on drums - are accomplished musicians and are convincing as Holly’s friends who eventually split with the talented singer over creative differences. Before they split, their joy in the recording studio scenes is infectious.

“Angela C. Howell, who makes a comical turn as Petty’s wife, Vi, also serves as the show’s musical director. As Vi, she plays the piano - in pink slippers, a terry cloth robe and curlers in her hair on one number - and the celesta (a small keyboard instrument that produces a bell-like sound) on the song ‘Everyday’. The first scene in Norm Petty’s Recording Studio is a revelation, as we glimpse Holly’s creative process - a playful let’s-try-this approach that produces such hits as ‘Peggy Sue’ and ‘Everyday’ before our eyes. The purity of the ‘Everyday’ recording is indelible. We feel we’re present at the creation. That song will never sound the same…

“Under the colorful arch is an upper playing area where DJs 'spin' the records and some scenes are played. Flanking the stage are large, colorful 45-rpm records - remember 45s? - to help set the scene. Two of these rotate and serve as secondary playing areas…

“Three of the evening's most aerobic performances are delivered by Tamara Corbin, Angela Karol Grovey and Becca Lopez as the red-sequined backup singers at Holly’s final concert. He plays for a solid 25 minutes and they shake everything they have - in unison - for that entire time. It’s quite a workout, performed with flair and apparent ease. In a simple but effective bit of staging, director Bussert starts the show with the band far upstage and, throughout the evening, Buddy’s mike stand gets closer and closer to the audience. As we get closer to him, he gets closer to us. And then he is gone.

“…Kudos to Derrick Cobey and Angela Karol Grovey for their work as the Apollo Main Man and Female Performer, two high-octane performances… The final half-hour recreates that Clear Lake concert, including a hip-swiveling performance by Miguel A. Romero as Ritchie Valens and a comic turn by Ryan G. Dunkin as the novelty-song singer The Big Bopper, gold-plated telephone at the ready.

“The action builds to a fever pitch, giving us a glimpse into what it must have been like in the Surf Ballroom that snowy night. A final tableau - with the ill-fated singers frozen in a spotlight after a ripping, good concert - drives home what was lost when that plane went down… Seeing Buddy will leave you wanting more and might send you to iTunes or Amazon.com to get the original works. That is a credit to the work now onstage at Westchester Broadway Theatre.”
- Peter D. Kramer (LoHud.com/The Journal News)

Audience comments:

“I was so impressed by this production! I saw Buddy during its original Broadway run and thought this compared very favorably to the Broadway production. Pat McRoberts was truly astonishing as Buddy, and the supporting performers were all great. It was a pleasure to hear all those wonderful songs and have a tasty meal served as well. My 16-year-old son had a great time, and wants to see another show soon!” - Karen R. Mamaroneck, NY

“We have been subscribers to the WBT for several years. We saw Buddy last Thursday night and this past Wednesday we returned again and brought three friends with us. We have never attended a show at the WBT twice, but both my husband and I couldn't wait to see it again and share the experience with our friends. The show is the best one we have seen. Pat McRoberts is amazing. Please thank him and the rest of the cast for us for a wonderful trip down memory lane. We hope he will come back again as Buddy in the future” - Gail A., Clintondale, NY

Buddy was phenomenal! Pat McRoberts is amazing and did an outstanding job, as did the rest of the cast. I have seen many Broadway musicals and this out of any show I have ever seen is my favorite! We were in the front row on Wednesday night, April 16th and immediately after bought tickets again for the final performance this Saturday night. I wish this show was playing longer! Bring Buddy back!” - Stephanie P. Brinx, NY

“I have been a subscriber for more than 5 years, and seen every mainstage production. I was at the April 3rd performance of Buddy. This show was one of the most amazing productions that I have ever seen. I am a huge music fan of all genres, but this show had me on my feet and singing along with every song. Pat McRoberts was absolutely phenomenal and truly captured the Buddy Holly experience - the voice, the moves - amazing. Please consider running this show again or as a Monday/Tuesday night special!!” - Danielle D., Yonkers, NY

“The Buddy Holly production was the BEST SHOW WE HAVE EVER SEEN! If we could, we would see it again. If you run it again, I'm going to buy tickets for at least two performances. The performers and their talent were amazing. If you just have a night where they were to perform one night only, we'll be there. Thanks for the great evening” - Chris N., Yorktown Heights, NY

“Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. I have seen it twice and would love to see it 10 more times. Pat McRoberts is amazing. I cannot think of anyone else who could play this role. The entire cast is wonderful, but he is OUTSTANDING. I have been a subscriber for many years and this is without a doubt the BEST show I have seen here. Thanks!” - Judy, Croton-on-Hudson, NY

“Last week I brought my group from the Derby Senior Center to see Buddy. We attend every show at Westchester and they are always good, but the group raved about Buddy Holly all the way home and told their friends about it the next day. This was without a doubt the best show we have seen. The energy never lets up and Pat McRoberts is a wonder as Buddy. I hope to get to see it again with friends before it closes. Kudos to all the cast.” - Mary L., Derby, CT

“My wife and I are subscribers and we saw Buddy last night. It is rare when the performers take you to that next level and make you feel as though you are really there but that is what happened last night. The performances by Pat McRoberts as Buddy, Ryan G. Dunkin as The Big Bopper and Miguel A. Romero as Ritchie Valens did just that. We felt we were experiencing a real concert that was not only musically exceptional but intimate and personable. The story line allowed us to 'spy' into Buddy's life. My only regret was that we couldn't see them after their 'concert' to get their autograph. Thanks to Pat, Miguel and Ryan for bringing some of the greatest performers in Rock & Roll history to life” - Ken P., Elmsford, NY

“I am a subscriber with my girlfriend Terry Ryan and have been for many years for all the shows. Last night I saw Buddy and I have to say, it was the very best show I have ever seen at the Dinner Theatre and there have been some terrific ones. I loved every minute of it and so did everyone in the theatre. The music was wonderful and Pat McRoberts was just superb. What talent was on that stage last night. I hope everyone in Westchester County attends this performance. If you remember the '50s, it will warm your heart” - Jacqueline B., West Harrison, NY

“My husband and I attended the opening night of The Buddy Holly Story on Feb 14th. What a talented group of actor/musicians! I must admit, initially I didn't realize the 'actors' were playing the instruments themselves since usually the orchestra is under the stage. The music, the memories, the 'day the music died', brought me to tears. We are subscribers and we will be back with friends and family to experience this show again. Bravo!!” - Lucille, Hawthorne, NY

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