This amazing co-production with the Fulton Theatre (Lancaster, PA) blazed trails in 2014, thrilling both audiences and critics.

“The show was a great success!”
- Stephanie Dupal, Managing Director, Maine State Music Theatre, Brunswick, Maine

Production photos by Urdaneta Photography and Judy Beedle Photography:


“To witness an entire audience on its feet, joyfully clapping, singing and dancing in the aisles… was a tribute to the triumphant production of The Buddy Holly Story with which Maine State Music Theatre opened its 56th season... Buddy features a largely youthful and hugely talented cast of music theatre singer-actor-musicians, dazzling production values, and demonstrates the company’s ability to forge an intense connection with its audience... The 1989 show is one of the best beloved of its genre, not only for the era of lost innocence and incipient rebellion which it conjures up, but also for the strength of its tragic, yet heartwarming story. The book by Alan Janes weaves together the storybook succession of events which catapulted Holly to stardom with wit and warmth, creating characters who manage to avoid both stereotype and idolization...

“Director/choreographer Donna Drake stages the production with a fluid musicality, shaping the story arc with empathetic sincerity, and creating characters who are not mere cardboard cut-outs of rock legends. Rounding out the original Crickets trio, Matthew J. Riordan plays a convincing backup guitar; Joe Cosmo Cogen is a loveable, goofy Jerry Allison, and Sam Weber delivers a show stopping turn as bassist Joe B. Maudlin. Weber uses his bass almost as a human partner, dancing fireworks, and bringing an endearing, sometimes outrageous comic twist to the musician’s character”  
– Carla Maria Verdino-Süllwold,

“Being in the audience was being transported back in time from 1957 to 1959, along for a remarkable part of American popular musical history... The Buddy Holly show is a delight. Don’t miss it”
– Gina Hamilton, The Times Record

“Largely joyful, often funny and bursting with fabulous Holly renditions... Buddy is a moving story told with feeling by a talented cast. As Holly, Andy Christopher has a lyrical, gentle presence that becomes electrifying when he starts to rock. It’s clear from the first trademark hiccup in 'That’ll Be the Day', that Christopher is in love with the songs, which he delivers in a beautiful tenor, paying tribute to Holly without brute impersonation. His dance background is evident in subtle movements at the microphone and smashing rock-star leaps and kicks”
– Jennifer Brewer, Portland Press Herald

“If you can only see one show this Summer you will not be disappointed with this one…”
The Cryer

“…an exuberant stage tribute to [a] rock-and-roll pioneer…”
The Forecaster

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