New York, NY
Anthony has played over 500 performances of Buddy in ten different productions across the U.S., most recently in the lead role of Buddy Holly. A drummer and bassist, as well as a guitarist, Anthony has also played Crickets Joe and Jerry and has also directed/music directed the show.

Anthony is an actor/musician/singer based in New York City. He plays guitar, drums, upright bass, and electric bass.


With his unique set of skills, Anthony has performed in over 500 performances of Buddy in ten different productions across the U.S. Most recently he played the lead role to packed houses at the 830-seat Wagon Wheel Theatre in Warsaw, Indiana, and at the Carousel Dinner Theatre in Ft. Collins, Colorado, where Anthony not only played Buddy but also directed, music directed and choreographed the show.

Anthony is intimately familiar with all aspects of the Buddy script and with Buddy’s life in general. Further, in various productions of the show, Anthony has also played Cricket bassist Joe B. Mauldin, Cricket drummer Jerry Allison, and either the Clear Lake drummer or the Clear Lake bass player. As such, Anthony knows every song in the show on guitar (lead and rhythm), drums, and bass (upright and electric).


"On opening night Wednesday of Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story at the Wagon Wheel Theatre, Anthony Rand looked like Holly, sounded like Holly, played like Holly - he was Holly!… Rand is a stellar performer in Buddy, and gives a performance not to be missed. Even Holly himself would have to be impressed with Rand's portrayal of him.

"...If you close your eyes while Rand is playing Holly, or while performing one of Holly's classic rock songs, you can believe that it is actually Holly up on stage. Even if you don't close your eyes, though, Rand looks as close to a Holly clone as one could hope to find. What I liked most about this show is how it, along with Rand's performance, shows that sometimes rebellion, going against the grain, leads to greater things… Rand captures Buddy Holly's rebellious streak the way it was, the way it should be." - Times Union (Warsaw, IN)

“Anthony Rand, who plays Holly, and a cast of talented musicians and performers, shook the Carousel. They brought a cheering audience to their feet in a celebration of Holly and fellow music greats Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper… Rand connects with the character of Holly and portrays the late great artist as a creative genius, a determined song writer, talented performer and beloved husband to his young wife Maria Elena. Rand plays guitar and sings Holly's songs with joy and reverence during the two hour show.” - Rich Abrahamson, Fort Collins Coloradoan (Ft. Collins, CO)

“In February, Anthony Rand made a vow. As the director of Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story, Rand set his sights on making the musical ‘the best show ever’ for Carousel Dinner Theatre audiences. It was a promise that Rand kept. Buddy played to full houses throughout its ten-week run, ending with theatergoers of all ages dancing in the aisles, clapping hands and leaving the theater with music in their hearts…
Rand perfectly captures Holly’s charisma and attitude as well as his passion for the music that stole the hearts of young rockers in the late ‘50s... Rand holds a slight resemblance to Holly with his tall and lanky frame. He moves around the stage with the famous Holly laid-back attitude, then revs up the action with remarkable guitar playing... Rand’s voice carries the richness of Holly’s, thanks to his ability to easily hit the high notes, then slide down into the low ones, reminiscent of the singer’s range. All the while, in capturing the essence of Holly, Rand keeps the audience spellbound by this legendary musician... When Rand eases those first few memorable notes from his guitar and puts that Holly grin on his face, the audience, eager to hear the favorites, is transported back in time...

There’s an intimacy in Rand’s acting that carries into the audience... As an actor, Rand steps into the part with all the musical chops necessary to make Buddy come alive. As a director, he sets the stage with a first-class cast of actors and musicians who further enrich the Buddy Holly story. It’s a two-fold gift to all.
Early on, during rehearsals, Rand noted, ‘I think if Buddy saw this, he would be proud.’ I think so, too. I bet Buddy would put that big ol’ Texas grin on his face, nod his head and call it a real Rave On experience.” - Joyce Davis, Reporter Herald (Loveland, CO)

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